Using the .task view modifier

The .onAppear view modifier allows you to execute costly initialization only when a view becomes visible. The .task view modifier allows breaking out asynchronous initialization.

SwiftUI can be a bit... eager

SwiftUI gives you a huge advantage in writing your own applications. But there are some things you should be aware of when it comes to NavigationLink!

Some Interesting Articles

A few interesting articles: Designing a Declarative api, Swift 6 Migration, Peak UIKit, and HealthKit.

Interacting with Endpoints (Updated)

If your application talks to a server to get data, you're going to need to interface with server endpoints. Here is an introduction to one way to interact with endpoints. Now updated with source code and an example!

Developer Tool: JSON Editor

Most modern applications need to interact with JSON data in some way, whether it's provided by the network or locally. JSON Editor simplifies viewing and editing that data.