Interesting Development Articles: July 10, 2023

Some interesting iOS, macOS, or Swift development articles from the week.

Inspect network traffic using the Xcode Simulator

Discover the importance of inspecting network traffic in app development. Explore different tools and optimize your app's performance.

Site: SwiftLee
Author: Antoine van der Lee

Command Line in Swift: the Different Alternatives

When building a command line tool using Swift, there are a few different approaches you can choose. This article compares the pros and cons of each solution, to help you decide what’s the best fit for your use case

Author: Natan Rolnik

@DefaultIfMissing - My Codable Failsafe

Jordan's @DefaultIfMissing property wrapper provides a default value if a codable value is missing or nil.

Site: Swiftjective-C
Author: Jordan Morgan

Swifter and Swifty: Mastering the Swift Testing Framework

A few weeks ago I wrote an introduction to the new Swift Testing framework. Fatbobman has written a much more detailed look into aspects I only touched on such as #require and test suites.

Site: Fatbobman
Author: Fatbobman

Mastering Scrollview in SwiftUI. Phases

Majid has written a few articles about the improvements to ScrollView at WWDC this year. This article in particular discusses scroll phases, but there are others in the series you should also read: Scroll Geometry and Scroll Offset.

Site: Swift with Majid
Author: Majid Jabrayilov