Some Interesting Articles

I've a few interesting articles I've found I'd like to share.

Designing a declarative API
To fit the declarative realm, we can get fancy and design a declarative API. Let’s go over some techniques to add to your tool belt.
Swift 6 Incomplete Migration Guide for Dummies | BrightDigit
Discover the first steps for migrating to Swift 6, focusing on concurrency safety. Learn how to handle mutable properties, use `nonisolated`, and make UI components `@MainActor` for a seamless transition.
This is what peak UIKit looks like
If you think you know what modern UIKit looks like, think again. We show how Swift’s new observation tools completely revolutionize the way one interacts with UIKit, including 2-way bindings, navigation, and more!
Sending the initial workout configuration through HealthKit | Nonstrict
`HKWorkoutSession` will throw ‘Remote session delegate is not set up’ errors at you when sending data too soon. So how do we share data before starting the actual workout?
How To Get Immersive Experiences on the Apple Vision Pro (Dev Spotlight)
Learn how Cephalopod Studio got Skybox AI’s immersive skyboxes onto Apple Vision Pro in glorious 8K for use in AR, VR, and spatial computing